Eating Her Wedding Dress | R a s m a H a i d r i | Rasma Haidri

Eating Her Wedding Dress

Ragged Sky Press publishes some killer anthologies. Eating Her Wedding Dress - isn’t that a great title? -  is a wonderful collection of poems about, well, clothing. But if you are inclined to think of clothing as something on the surface, this book will reshape that paradign. In these poems clothing goes way beyond skin deep. My poem - “My Daughter’s Pajamas” - is a dream poem about the neighbor girl and her father searching for Barbie’s lost bathrobe. 

From the publisher:

EATING HER WEDDING DRESS: A COLLECTION OF CLOTHING POEMS brings together one hundred celebrated and distinctive voices, including internationally acclaimed poets such as Kim Addonizio, Margaret Atwood, Billy Collins, Elaine Equi, Jorie Graham, Maxine Kumin, Paul Muldoon, and Charles Simic, to speak about clothing as object of desire, as memento, and as metaphor for the body. Arranged into four parts, this anthology includes poems of self-presentation and identity, poems of alteration and transformation, poetry about the woven word, and poems invoking the talismanic quality of clothing.