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A few words about the blogs

I’m not what you’d call a daily blogger, but everything you find on these 3 sites comes from my heart. 

FotoPoetry is where I put photojournalism/photopoetry (recently more photos end up on Instagram @rasmahaidri). I love photography and love taking photos, but it is my least trained and accomplished art. 

Rasma Says is my original blog of personal essays, started at blogspot and moved to Wordpress. I always dreamed of having a newspaper column (in the days before the blogosphere) and write things on the order of what I have written at Rasma Says. Included there are some of the columns I did write when I was fortunate enough to be a columnist for a Norwegian newspaper, until the paper cut all columnists as part of an attempt to stay afloat. All of my Norwegian columns are found here

Whole in the Head is a unique kind of blog for me. It contains only unedited spontaneous poems written in the medium of blog. They have not touched paper. They are presented rough, newborn, in their altogether. I started Whole in the Head to challenge myself, because sometimes writing poems makes one just a mite too precious.

Enjoy perusing my blogs, and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or writing to me here