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Wicked Woman Prize - second place

Brickhouse Books hosts a Wicked Woman poetry prize and this year the judge Rose Solari judged my manuscript Blue Like Apples a close second to the winner. I thank Rose and the Brickhouse editors for all the kudos and good advice as that book keeps evolving. 

Rathalla Review publishes “Cadaver”

A writing workshop leader once decided that what we writers needed was a visit to the medical school anatomy theater and get a good look at a dead body, inside and out. It was all just flesh and bones, except for the hand which was so simply and elegantly human. 

Switched Ongutenberg.Org

Young Ravens Literary Review: Scarcity & Rarity issue

The theme for this issue was ‘scarcity and rarity’ which inspired me to send them two of the poems from my new, unpublished collection that has a working title of “Blue Like Apples”. 

When is blue like apples? Read it in “Currents” below. 

Two poems by Rasma: “Trust” and “Currents"


NOVEMBER 2018 in Oslo

9 poets put together an art project comprising a limited number collection of broadsides and broadside exhibit 

IMG 5975
IMG 5976

Poets Reading the News

This is one of the best news-rendered-into-poetry sites. They do a superb job with pairing visuals with text, and linking to relevant news stories. An educational and inspirational site that I’m proud to have been published on. See my poem here 67th parallel North.

Route 20 Anthology

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Road trips were a prime element of my childhood featuring summer treks between Tennessee, New York, Wisconsin and Florida. I haven’t written much about them, but when I saw the call for this anthology I gave it a shot and the poem found a home. The anthology is out now from Foothills Press. Get your copy here! When my copy comes I’ll post the poem.

Burning Books, Again! a blog post at RASMA SAYS….